Friday, December 31, 2010

Top Ten Things to happen at Albany State University in 2010

With the new year approaching, Real 92.7 wanted to break down some of the events that happened in 2010 at Albany State University. *list is in no particular order*

1. Miss ASC (Albany State College) Annette Jones White regaining her title:  Albany State University Homecoming 2010 was a very special event this year.  Annette Jones White regained her title as Miss ASC at the 2010 coronation of Miss ASU Ali'Yah Arnold. In 1961 Ms. Annette crowned Miss ASC, however, that same year she participated in a civil rights protest with some of her schoolmates and was stripped of her title.

2.  Homecoming Concert 2010-Rick Ross and Monica: On October 7, 2010 Rick Ross and Monica hit the stage in hyper gymnasium for an unforgettable homecoming concert. The crowd was hype and the performers were on point. I wonder what artist are going to be here next year!

3.  BET Black College Tour 2010: Albany State University was finally one of the stops of the college tours. There were alot of events that went down that day. Our own Miss ASU Ali'Yah Arnold was the host for this event. She beat out several highly qualified students that wanted to be the host. We're not sure about all the winners of each event, however we know that Jawan Bailey won the three point shoot out and Paige won the singing contest. Hopefully next year BET will decide to come back.

4. World AIDS Day 2010: Albany State University participated in World AIDS Day. The goal of was to teach students the importance of safe sex and the reality of this deadly disease.

5.  Greek Presentation Shows: In the year of 2010 to our knowledge there were eight Greek lettered organizations that had amazing presentations shows:
Fall 2k10
Sigma Gamma Rho
Phi Beta Sigma
Delta Sigma Theta

Spring 2k10
Omega Psi Phi
Alpha Kappa Alpha (sorry ladies this is the only color closet to pink the blog had)
Phi Mu Alpha
Kappa Kappa Psi
Alpha Phi Alpha

Note: If you expecting alot of turn out for your organizations presentation show PLEASE! have the show in hyper because people want to see the show the not the heads of people who already had seats but are now standing on them : ) Thank you!

6. Ground break of new student union and residence halls: Fall of 2010 was the ground breaking of the new student union and the residence halls (5&6) *sorry hidden oaks you are now hall 7* The new student union will be connected to the current cafe. The residence halls will sit beside ACAD auditorium, well not literally, but it will be close enough.

7. SIAC Champs: The lady cross country team and the football team won the SIAC title this year. It was a very good sports season in the fall 2010. Our wonderful football team also had an undefeated regular season that 10-0. LETS GO RAMS!

8. International Week: Albany State University hosted an international week that kicked off on November 15th. The main purpose of this week was to promote diversity through out the campus. There are actually alot of international students on campus. There was also an entertaining pageant where our own radio personality and manager Mr.Byron Fields aka Whizdom was crowned Mr. International.

9. Greek Weeks 2010:   Every spring semester there is something called Greek Weeks. Each week is a week that is hosted by a divine nine organization. The events that Greeks facilitate are usually entertaining and sometimes informative. The Greek weeks in 2010 were on point. Lets just pray that this week the Greek weeks will be good.

10. Rammys: Every spring semester Real 92.7 host an award show called the Rammys. The Rammys allows students to vote for their peers in different categories like best party, best DJ, best dressed and so fourth. Some winners from the Rammys last year were Delta Sigma Theta with best sorority, Alpha Phi Alpha best fraternity, Kazsia Brown received best party.

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