Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Real Advice 101

Real Advice 101

“Don’t wait for anyone to make your life happen”. You are highly capable of providing your own happiness and support. “When you happen to life rather that it happening to you, you are being the “cause” of entertainment, excitement, trials and triumphs that life has to offer even if it’s on your own.”

California Dreaming

A guy had a dream about exploring the beauty California had to offer. He intended to seek peace and opportunity. However, he figured that the only way to make his trip truly worthwhile was if he had a companion to share his experience with.

So he searched and searched for that particular person. As time went by and many failed attempts, he began to lose his peace. He became bitter and resentful and was not engaged in his plans as much anymore.

Others may not share the same passion that you have for something as you do. You can’t always depend on others to give toy the permission to live abundantly. By doing so, you’ll miss out on many opportunities there are waiting for you. 

Byron F.

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