Friday, May 6, 2011

612 Music *** 612 Music *** 612 Music***

Behold! The Ambition of 3 emerging artists based in the Urban city life of Georgia: 612 Music. These artists work persistently on their craft night & day to produce an innovative mix R&B and Hip-Hop. Now, to spread their profound vocals through the waves of Real 92.7. 

He's the guy you take home to meet your mother; he's the stand up, hardworking, loyal guy that is what all ladies say they want. Say what’s up to Mr. Josh McNeal… The Vocal Prodigy from Oklahoma City. At 1st Glance you might say... Oh, another male R&B cat trying to sing his way into your heart. You also might ask "what makes him different than Trey or Chris,"… well Josh welcomes that question. I don't sing for fame, I sing for my son. Josh, has been singing his whole life, been in a few groups and has paid the dues that trying to make it in the music industry. Check out his single below entitled: Tattoo

Say hello to Ms. Jordan Antonia. This young and very talented miss is so much more than meets the eye. She is primed to be a very successful artist in the music industry and is also a very willing role model. At 18, Ms. Antonia has her own foundation, "Girls Like Me". GLM is a place where tomorrows’ queens can feel safe and express their fears or problems and always be themselves without judgment. Check out her single below entitled: Yep

As a child, Jai-Twizz has always been in love with music. He uses every aspect of music to create what he calls, "Revolution music." Twizz was born in Germany but was raised in Atlanta, GA. His love for southern hospitality was the foundation in which led him to want to pursue a music career. Twizz started singing at the age of 10 when he was told that he has a good singing voice. He joined many clubs within his middle school that involved singing. Check out his single below entitled: All Around The World

Listen out for 612 Music's on the Smoothest station on radio, Real 92.7 WASU "Real Music, Real Talk, Real Radio"

-Byron Fields
Music Director

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